At Renuka Legal assistance we will help you to fight for your rights without exposing you to exorbitant legal fees. This is a non profit organisation set up by DAVE & GIRISH & CO, a law firm of repute having offices in Mumbai and Bangalore in order to help people without resources to avail of legal services of well qualified lawyers free of cost. Lawyers working with DAVE and GIRISH  and CO provide free legal assistance through the pro-bono division to deserving women and orphans. 

If you are unable to afford a law firm, here is help: get free consultation at Renuka Legal Assistance. Call on number provided above or email:

Senior citizens are given free consultation on drafting of a will and advice on distribution of their assets, family law, succession planning etc.

We provide legal assistance to orphanages, old age homes and public interest institutions 

we help orphanages on all their documentation work for free

if you are an NGO we can help you with all legal requirements for free

Environmental issues, you want to save the environment and need to know the law? call us we can help

We fight for Animal rights

If you want to fight for a social cause or if you wish to file a public interest litigation...we can provide legal assistance or free.

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We are a group of lawyers, working at Dave & Girish & Co., and Renuka Legal Assistance is our pro-bono division. The firm is headed by Girish Dave and Mona Bhide.

Renuka Legal Assistance was initiated by the firm in the year 2013 in the fond memory of Late Mrs. Renuka Dave, who had worked selflessly through her life for poor, homeless and needy people. It is to continue her efforts to help the Society that the family firm has started offering the pro-bono service.



If you are caught up in situation where you are not aware of rights do visit us. We are open on Saturdays between 2 to 5pm for free legal consultation. 

We have helped old aged women from being harassed by their family.


we also work towards rescuing animals and often donate to organisations looking after animals.


We also provide free legal help for setting up orphanages and old age homes, blind homes etc.


Want to adopt?

Adoption in India is formalised by filing an adoption application with the government and filing of necessary information giving full information about yourself. At Renuka Legal we can provide you with necessary adoption procedures and compliance. 



If you were cheated and lost your property or money and you do not have resources to engage a lawyer you can seek our assistance. We offer free legal assistance against criminal actions at  Renuka Legal Assistance has been set up for fighting for people who are unable to fight for themselves.

Animal Rights: we are here to help!